Saint Francis Home welcomes individuals who are 65 years of age or older: regardless of race, religion, or national origin. Of upmost importance is the desire to offer a loving home that provides quality care to meet a person’s needs. Those who find Saint Francis to be a good fit have a certain level of independence in personal care needs, ambulation, and safety awareness. They share in the life of the Home as they feel comfortable; and are reassured that they can find a sense of peace and belonging.

Admission Process

The first step in the Admission Process is an email or phone call to Deborah Crutchfield, the Admissions Manager. She will be very interested in hearing what you are looking for in your next home. Please see our “Questions to consider when deciding if it’s time to move to Assisted Living.” Hopefully these will be helpful and you can share your answers with Deborah. At Saint Francis Home, it’s important that we meet a person’s individual needs. Please contact us to see if our Home is right for YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Admissions Process:

1. How long does the process normally take? From the initial contact with Deborah, hopefully the admission process will take 2-3 weeks from start to finish. A thorough assessment of needs is important to ensure an individual will be content living at the Home and staff will be able to support their level of care.

2. Does it cost a lot of money to live at Saint Francis Home? The Home wants to be the affordable option in metro Richmond for quality assisted living care. As a licensed provider with the Department of Social Services, the Home accepts Auxiliary Grants. Additionally, we have floor plans at various private pay rates. Please contact Deborah to discuss options that will work for different personal budgets. All Room & Board rates include the total cost of care. Extra amenities are phone and cable services for reasonable monthly amounts.

3. Why do I have to go to my doctor to have a physical done? As a licensed provider, regulations dictate that the Home have a thorough history and physical completed prior to a Resident’s admission. Professional medical staff will monitor an individual’s health and follow physician’s orders closely. This is all to benefit Residents and help them maintain their overall health and wellbeing for as long as possible.

Questions to Consider When Deciding if it's Time to Move to Assisted Living

1. Do you miss visiting with other people and would you like to fill your day with activities and hobbies? What are your favorite pastimes?
2. Has it become challenging to manage your household with cleaning, paying bills and preparing meals? How could someone make things easier for you?
3. If you had help with some aspects of personal care, would that improve your quality of life? Do you need support with bathing, medications, or something else?
4. Do you feel safe in your home? Have you had falls or is it challenging to use the stairs?
5. Has your health been unstable and having a nurse monitor your medicine would really make a difference and help you feel better?